Extended Supply Program

Our Extended Supply Program is very simple:

If I can buy it for less than $12.00 for 90 pills it’s on my list. I have drugs on my list that aren’t on my competitors’ $4 list.

This means that customers can get a:

  • 3-month supply for $20.00 plus $10.00 shipping.
  • 6-month supply for $37.00 with free shipping.
  • 2-month supply for $70.00 with free shipping.

It’s a good option for people without insurance, and if you have insurance, it may be cheaper to pay out-of-pocket and not file insurance when you look at co-pays and restrictions on supply. With Medicare Part D if they can pay cash for their generics and not file PART D, it may delay or prevent them from going into the “doughnut hole”. There are a lot of ways the save.

Barry Latham’s Drug is NOT an internet pharmacy. We accept electronic, fax or call-in prescriptions from your doctor or you can send it to us. Currently only shipping inside Alabama.

We use USPS and have pick-ups every day, this means you could have your delivery in 2 or 3 days.

Please see our list and contact us for more details.

Our list is updated often, if you don’t see what you need, ask if we can add it.


Our pharmacy offers a convenient Drive-Thru for all of your pick-up and drop off needs. Should you need service beyond a refill of a prescription, we'll be glad to attend to you inside of the pharmacy.


Durable Medical Equipment

We offer a full-line of Durable Medical Equipment in our pharmacy, ready for your use. Come into our store to inquire, and we will be happy to assist you.

Free Local Delivery

Too sick to get out of bed? We offer a free delivery service so that you can get your medication without the stress of leaving home.

Prescription Shipping

Need us to send your meds to you? We offer delivery by mail so you can feel your best wherever you may be. Shipping fees apply.

Assisted Living Facilities

We offer Long Term Care services for assisted living facilities. Give us a call or inquire within for more information.

Pet Compounding

Have a sick pet that struggles to take medication? We offer a pet compounding service in order to administer the medication in a way your pet will love.